20 Secret Websites To Make Money Online In 2024

Welcome! In this detailed guidance, we'll identify the best 20 secret websites to make money online. Find the hidden treasures that can help you make money from the comfort of your home, from freelance platforms to social media chances. This guide includes something for everyone, no matter your level of experience or needs for expanding your online income sources.

secret websites to make money


Introduction to Secret Websites to Make Money

The internet is growing as a popular tool for people to easily make money from the comfort of their homes in the global online world. Many secret websites to make money can help you achieve your financial goals, whether you're looking to increase your income, start a side business, or move on to full-time online employment. These simple and easy guide goals help you to find 20 secret websites to make money online, each of which contains unique and covert ways to increase your online income.

What is a Website

Before we get into the world of secret websites to make money, let's take the time to understand the fundamentals of what a website actually is. A website can be defined as a collection of internet-hosted web pages. A web browser is used to access these pages. Websites have several uses, from information exchange to facilitating online commerce. When it comes to earning money online, websites act as places where you may present your abilities, goods, or services to prospective clients, consumers, or even a larger audience. Your path to online earning depends on this.

Best 20 Secret Websites to Make Money Online

Many websites provide routes to financial achievement in the digital world of the internet. These platforms offer specialized solutions for students looking for part-time jobs or stay-at-home parents looking to increase their income. These secret websites to make money allow people to work on their own terms and achieve particular economic goals.

No. Websites Links
1 Upwork Click Here
2 Freelancer Click Here
3 Fiverr Click Here
4 Swagbucks Click Here
5 Survey Junkie Click Here
6 UserTesting Click Here
7 VIPKid Click Here
8 Medium Click Here
9 Teachable Click Here
10 Etsy Click Here
11 RedBubble Click Here
12 Shutterstock Click Here
13 Amazon Mechanical Turk Click Here
14 TaskRabbit Click Here
15 Gigwalk Click Here
16 Userlytics Click Here
17 Slice the Pie Click Here
18 Software Judge Click Here
19 Instagram Click Here
20 YouTube Click Here

Freelance Websites

Freelance Websites

Suppose you have skills in fields like writing, graphic design, programming, or other specialized services. In that case, freelance websites may be the perfect channel for presenting your abilities and establishing connections with possible clients who require your knowledge.

1. Upwork

Upwork is one of the biggest and hottest freelance platforms. It is a center for authors, developers, designers, and professionals from various sectors, providing an extensive number of job types.

To start using Upwork:
  • Making Your Profile: Create a detailed profile that displays your qualifications, professional experience, and any relevant certifications. With the help of this digital CV, potential employers should be able to understand your worth.
  • Put Your Skills on Display: Highlight your expertise by describing your skills, which may include writing styles, programming languages, design tools, and more. Accurate and complete skills lists increase your chances of obtaining clients looking for certain skills.
  • Project bidding: Upwork makes it easier for clients to list their tasks. You can search for these tasks as a freelancer and submit specialized offers. These proposals should include a cost estimate and a description of how you plan to fulfill the project's requirements. It is essential to customize offers to the demands of the customer.

2. Freelancer

Freelancer provides a platform that links independent contractors with potential clients, much like Upwork offers. It covers a broad range of career options, including marketing, writing, coding, and graphic design.

To start using Freelancer:
  • Registration: Sign up for the platform and create a profile that highlights your abilities, knowledge, and experience.
  • Process for submitting bids: Projects with particular specifications are posted by clients. Review these tasks as a freelancer and provide proposals outlining your qualifications for the job and your suggested payment.

3. Fiverr

In comparison to Upwork and Freelancer, Fiverr functions differently. You may create "gigs" on Fiverr that represent services with starting prices of $5. Positive comments and reviews allow you to progressively increase your prices for services with more features.

To start using Fiverr:
  • Creating Gigs: Create unique gigs for your services. Each job should have a clear explanation of your services, their scope, and any extra choices the customer may select.
  • Pricing Structure: While $5 is the starting pricing for gigs, you are free to charge more for additional services or faster delivery. Customers may spend more on your products if you receive good feedback and demonstrate your knowledge.

Survey and Research Sites

Survey and Research Sites

This sector reveals attractive opportunities to make money by taking part in research projects and contributing your valuable expertise to specialized websites. You may participate in a wide variety of activities on these sites that provide you the chance to earn money or points.

4. Swagbucks

Swagbucks acts as a multipurpose platform by providing a variety of options for users to collect "Swagbucks," (points) which can then be converted into gift cards or money via PayPal.

To start using Swagbucks:
  • Taking Surveys: Participate in surveys on a range of topics and share your thoughts and observations to earn Swagbucks.
  • Watching Videos: Watch the short videos, advertisements, and promos on Swagbucks to earn Swagbucks based on how long you watch each one.
  • Online shopping: By utilizing the partner stores of Swagbucks for your online purchases, you are eligible to get Swagbucks in the form of a percentage of your purchase.
  • Web searches: Use the Swagbucks search engine to conduct internet searches to earn Swagbucks as payment.

5. Survey Junkie

With a user-friendly design, Survey Junkie concentrates on paid surveys covering a broad range of topics. 

To start using Survey Junkie:
  • Paid Surveys: After joining Survey Junkie, you'll have access to paid surveys with a variety of topics. Pick surveys based on your interests and statistics, and after completing them, you can earn saving money points.
  • Points Accumulation: Your points increase as you actively participate in surveys, reflecting the time and effort you spent.
  • Redeem for Rewards: When you reach a certain point barrier, you may use services like PayPal to convert your points into cash or select prized shop gift cards.

6. UserTesting

UserTesting establishes itself as a profitable platform for offering intelligent feedback on websites, applications, and products in exchange for payment. 

To start using UserTesting:
  • Task-oriented Feedback: Take on projects that require you to explore websites, use apps, or engage with products. By expressing your ideas and observations, you may help to improve user experiences.
  • Share Your Opinions: As you participate in specified tasks, share your opinions through voice or video feedback that has been recorded. This could comprise assessing working, design, or usability.
  • Financial Compensation: UserTesting offers financial benefits for providing feedback. Your suggestions are important for improving the services offered by the company, therefore they are both financially and strategically advantageous.

Tutoring and Publishing Sites

Tutoring and Publishing Sites

This section looks at interesting career options for people with specialized knowledge or a love of teaching and writing. These digital platforms provide opportunities to exchange information, interact with audiences, and generate money from sharpened abilities.

7. VIPKid

For Chinese students who need English teaching, VIPKid offers a digital platform to learn English, if you are interested in teaching, find your students online and teach them and make money.

To start using VIPKid:
  • English instruction: Assume the role of a VIPKid teacher by giving Chinese students individualized online English classes. You should concentrate on improving your speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills.
  • Flexible Schedule: Take advantage of the freedom to choose your teaching schedule, an important benefit to people managing other responsibilities or looking for specific periods.
  • Monetary Benefits: VIPKid's reward plan is based on completed courses. Your salary is determined by characteristics such as your teaching experience, frequency of classes, and educational excellence.
  • Cultural Exchange: By helping Chinese students improve their language skills, you are also promoting understanding between cultures.

8. Medium

The medium allows motivated authors to show their content and earn money based on audience interaction. It's an ideal platform for writers who want to gain views as well as earn money from content engagement.

To start using Medium:
  • Diverse Content: Share your ideas, personal stories, and instructive articles across the broad range of topics supported by Medium.
  • Earnings through Engagement: Gain access to Medium's monetization mechanism, which makes up writers based on the amount of traffic they receive. The greater the involvement (claps, comments, and shares), the greater your potential earnings.
  • Exclusive Membership: Join Medium's membership program, where users earn a monthly subscription for access to premium content. As a writer, you receive a percentage of the income earned.
  • Increase Your Reach: The Medium platform magnifies your voice, allowing your knowledge to reach a larger audience.

9. Teachable

Teachable allows users to create, advertise, and sell online courses based on their areas of knowledge. If you are an expert in a specific subject then the Teachable is very useful for you.

To start using Teachable:
  • Personalized Course Creation: Using Teachable's tools, select and build your own online courses. These courses cover a wide range of topics, including academic fields and useful skills like coding, photography, and food preparation.
  • Monetization: Set fees for your classes so that students may sign up and pay you for your knowledge.
  • Flexibility in Structure: Design your courses to fit your vision, structure the content, and include a variety of teaching tools including videos, texts, and interactive exams.
  • Educational Independence: Your Teachable courses provide students with the tools they need to learn new things, encouraging their progress both personally and professionally.

Online Marketplaces

Online Marketplaces

This section offers a complete guide for craft, art, and design enthusiasts, giving ideas on how to efficiently transform their creative talents into profitable online businesses. Individuals may walk their way from creativity to successful entrepreneurship by utilizing multiple online platforms.

10. Etsy

Etsy exists as an online marketplace that connects makers and consumers. It promotes a community that values creativeness through its presentation of handmade products, antique artifacts, and digital developments. Etsy provides a customized shopping experience that balances tradition and modern attraction while respecting individuality and expertise by connecting consumers with unique items.

To start using Etsy:
  • Handcrafted & Vintage Sales: Use the Etsy platform to easily show and promote your unique handcrafted items and antique treasures.
  • Global Connections: Create relationships with a community of buyers to exhibit your artistic products to viewers from all around the world.
  • Personalized Touch: Make the most of the potential of personalization to design personalized products that genuinely connect with clients and distinguish your services in a crowded market.
  • Community of Artists: Join a friendly online selling community that encourages knowledge sharing and creative development.

11. RedBubble

RedBubble acts as a dynamic center for creativity, allowing creators to display their original artwork on a variety of physical things, like t-shirts, mugs, and backpacks. By giving artists a place to express themselves creatively and connect with a worldwide audience, this dynamic platform encourages artistic expression. Redbubble turns artwork into practical goods like clothing and home decor, creating an original and open relationship between creators and consumers.

To start using RedBubble:
  • Design Playground: Utilise Redbubble's creative playground to display your unique designs, drawings, and photography creations.
  • Print on Demand: Adopt the print-on-demand business strategy to avoid inventory issues by turning your ideas only when a purchase is made into things that can be seen.
  • Product Variety: Add your creative touch to a wide range of products to improve them and make them into treasured keepsakes, such as clothing, household goods, and phone covers.
  • Earning Commissions: You receive commissions for each sale that features one of your designs, turning your love of art into real money.
  • Global Impact: Redbubble's global presence guarantees that your creations will be viewed by people all over the world.

12. Shutterstock

Shutterstock helps photographers and artists by giving them a place to exhibit their photographs and drawings while earning money. It's a place where talented people can display their work and earn money online.

To start using Shutterstock:
  • Image Licencing: You may license your photographic works and graphics on Shutterstock, allowing others to use them in a variety of projects.
  • Earnings from Royalties: You receive royalties each time one of your licensed photographs is downloaded or used, turning your creative activities into a reliable source of money.
  • Versatile Applications: Your graphic creations may be seen on websites, marketing materials, presentations, and other platforms.
  • Quality Criteria: Maintain the strict quality standards set by Shutterstock and make sure your work complies with the standards of the market.

Tasks and Gigs Websites

Tasks and Gigs Websites

This section offers a thorough examination of many internet options aimed at persons seeking to earn money quickly. Users can take advantage of their abilities and free time by participating in a variety of short jobs or gigs offered on online sites. These platforms provide an easy and accessible option for increasing a person's income, from freelancing to doing micro-tasks. Whether you want to make additional money or show off your skills in the online world, these options provide an intriguing way to get there.

13. Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk is a platform where anyone can easily earn money by performing simple online tasks. This allows them to make better use of their talents and time while still being paid. It's a versatile option for anyone wishing to supplement their income online.

To start using Amazon Mechanical Turk:
  • Micro-activities: Amazon Mechanical Turk offers a variety of micro-tasks such as entry of data, classification, picture labeling, and short surveys.
  • Payment for Completion: You receive payment after successfully completing these microtasks. The activities are frequently easy to do and take only a short amount of time.
  • Adaptability: You have the option of choosing when and how many tasks you want to perform at once. This is a huge benefit if you like controlling your own schedule and earning additional income.

14. TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit is a user-friendly platform where users may provide a variety of services for local jobs. It links those in need of help with people capable of performing the tasks, giving a practical answer for a wide range of tasks and occupations.

To start using TaskRabbit
  • Local Engagement: TaskRabbit connects you with people in your area who need specialized services. This platform is particularly useful if you have practical talents and would want to help others with their work.
  • Service-Based tasks: Use your abilities to help others in your community with work like furniture assembly, cleaning, house repairs, and other handyman work.
  • Payment: Clients pay you once the task is completed successfully. TaskRabbit allows you to monetize your skills while also providing a valuable service to those around you.

15. Gigwalk

Individuals may make money with Gigwalk by performing tasks such as local market research, data verification, and secret shopping. People can earn money while being at home if they complete these projects. This platform provides a simple way for users to participate in various jobs and contribute to market knowledge while getting paid for their work.

To start using Gigwalk:
  • Local Tasks: Gigwalk tasks frequently entail visiting nearby businesses, taking pictures, checking facts, and offering comments.
  • Market research and mystery shopping: You may be requested to gather information about product availability, price, and overall customer experience in different locations.
  • Payment on Completion: After you complete the assignment and meet the conditions, you get paid. This offers a simple and practical approach to making money from quick assignments.

Testing and Review Websites

The platforms that allow users to test and assess a variety of goods and services and then share their opinions are highlighted in this section. This emphasizes how customer viewpoints contribute to the dynamic character of the digital marketplace while also giving essential input and an opportunity for possible rewards.

16. Userlytics

Userlytics is a testing tool for websites, applications, and prototypes. Giving feedback allows you to earn money while also helping to develop digital goods, emphasizing the importance of user input and providing a lucrative opportunity.

To start using Userlytics:
  • Testing and feedback: Userlytics links you with websites, applications, or prototypes that need to be evaluated. Your job includes testing the functioning, usability, and user experience of various digital products.
  • Valuable Insights: Businesses and developers depend on your comments to improve their products based on actual user experiences.
  • Financial Refund: You receive payment for sharing your knowledge. This payment is a way of saying thank you for your time and careful consideration.
  • User-Centric Impact: By taking part in Userlytics, you help design digital products to suit user needs and preferences.

17. Slice the Pie

Slice the Pie offers a platform for people to evaluate music, clothing, and a variety of other things, allowing them to turn their thoughts into money. Both reviewers and artists gain from this interaction, which highlights how consumer opinions affect the creative and commercial industries while providing participants with a worthwhile means of participation and compensation.

To start using Slice the Pie
  • Evaluate Variety: Slice the Pie provides a variety of stuff to evaluate, ranging from music tracks and fashion trends to other products. Businesses benefit from your evaluations because they give important customer information.
  • Personal Opinions: Share your actual views and opinions on the products you evaluate, providing marketers with direct feedback from potential buyers.
  • Profits from Reviews: Your reviews result in profits. As you share your knowledge, you earn money for your efforts.
  • Influence on Trends: By giving your opinions, you may influence the direction of music, fashion, and product trends.

18. Software Judge

This site allows you to write evaluations for several software products. Your helpful decisions not only assist other users but also result in money gains. Participate in a community that values your opinions and shapes software experiences. Profit from your reviews while helping fellow technologists make informed choices.

To start using Software Judge
  • Software Reviews: Review multiple apps from various categories. Your opinions provide insights that might assist future users in making educated selections.
  • Thoughtful Evaluation: Share your comments on the software's graphical user interface, features, functioning, and overall experience.
  • Monetary Compensation: As you submit comments, you will be rewarded financially. Your opinions are an essential resource to the platform's community.
  • Contributing to Decisions: By writing helpful assessments, you help others to choose programs that meet their requirements and preferences.

Social Media Platforms

Social Media Platforms

This section focuses on the opportunity to turn your social media presence and follower count into an uninterrupted money source. This goal can be met by utilizing specialized platforms created specifically for this purpose. The trick is to see the possibility of monetizing your online impact and efficiently transforming it into a profitable business. By effectively utilizing these platforms, you may have access to new sources of income while actively engaging with your following audience.

19. Instagram

Instagram, with its large following base, allows users to collaborate with companies, making sponsored posts and consequently earning money. Users may access profitable ways and form mutually beneficial relationships with companies looking to grow their audience reach with social media presence by utilizing their online impact.

To start using Instagram
  • Influencer Collaborations: If you have large and active Instagram followers, advertisers may approach you for influence collaborations. These agreements involve the creation of posts that highlight the brand's products or services.
  • Sponsored Posts: Through your genuine support, advertisers can reach your followers with sponsored posts. For promoting the brand in your post, you will be charged.
  • Prioritizing Material Authenticity: It is critical to maintain genuine material. For successful resonance, form partnerships with companies that represent your values and resonate with your audience.
  • Monetary Rewards: Each sponsored post earns you money, allowing you to turn your social media presence into a source of revenue.
  • Engagement and Reach: When approaching influencers for collaborations, advertisers look at your engagement rate and reach.

20. YouTube

On YouTube, users have the opportunity to create interesting video content, grow their subscriber base, and make money through advertisements and sponsorships. By using this method, producers may monetize their channels, turning their passion into a successful business while absorbing and engaging their audience. The platform offers a variety of options and promotes dedication while also encouraging creativity.

To start using YouTube:
  • Effectively creating video content: Create compelling videos that connect with your intended audience. Diversify your content across many areas, from lessons and entertainment to reviews and vlogs, to increase engagement and relevancy.
  • Subscriber Base: You'll grow your channel's subscriber base as you continually offer quality content. For monetization, a sizable subscriber base is necessary.
  • Monetization Options: YouTube has several monetization options. You may earn money by placing advertisements on your videos using Google AdSense. You may also work with sponsors to create sponsored content.
  • Engagement and Consistency: Engaging with your audience and posting material consistently are important characteristics that lead to the growth of your channel and possible income.
  • Income Diversification: In addition to ad income and sponsorships, you may look at retail sales, premium content offers, and channel subscriptions.
  • Content Strategy: A smart content plan keeps viewers interested and grows your subscription base, which leads to additional revenue potential.

Secret Websites to Make Money

Advantages and Disadvantages Of Secret Websites To Make Money

(I) Advantages of Secret Websites to Make Money Online

1. Work Anywhere, Anytime: Online platforms allow you to work from any location, increasing convenience and balance between work and life.

2. Diverse Income Streams: Websites provide a range of ways to generate money by responding to various skills and passions, hence expanding your potential income streams.

3. Simple Entry: Getting started online takes little upfront expenses and technological knowledge, making it accessible to many different kinds of people.

4. Global Reach: Online platforms give you access to a global audience, allowing you to enter markets outside of your immediate location.

5. Potential for Growth: Successful online businesses can swiftly scale, resulting in higher earnings and business growth.

6. Cost Savings: When compared to traditional physical installations, operating an online business frequently needs fewer operational costs.

(II) Disadvantages of Secret Websites to Make Money Online

1. High Competition: The online market is crowded, making it difficult to stand out and obtain awareness.

2. Income Variability: Earnings from online sources might be uneven, changing over time and potentially harming financial stability.

3. Scam Risk: Online platforms may host scams and fraudulent schemes, requiring awareness to prevent becoming a victim of such operations.

4. Isolation and Stress: Because of limited social connection and blurring boundaries between work and home life, extended durations of online work can lead to isolation and stress.

5. Dependence on Technology: Earning money online is primarily reliant on stable internet connectivity and technology, both of which can be disrupted.

6. Navigating Regulations and Taxes: When generating money online, dealing with legal and tax issues can be complicated, requiring close attention to compliance.


The internet world is full of secret websites to make money online. There are dedicated sites that match your interests, whether they be in writing, art, opinion sharing, teaching, or social media participation. Managing this landscape requires caution and patience, as well as dedication to be prepared for slow results. These platforms, with the correct strategy, may become valuable sources of earnings and personal happiness. 

So, take your time, learn about the workings of the system, and keep a positive attitude. This adventure could show an entirely new level of online income potential and delight. Take advantage of these digital opportunities to turn your passions into profitable businesses.

Secret Websites To Make Money Online (FAQs)

Q.1: Are these secret websites reliable?

Ans: Yes, these websites have undergone study and curation to confirm their reliability and income-generating potential.

Q.2: Which websites are best for online earning?

Ans: The best websites for online earnings are:
  1. Freelance Opportunities: Consider Upwork and Fiverr for freelance work.
  2. Create Content: Express yourself on YouTube and Medium for potential earnings.
  3. Start Selling: Explore selling options on Amazon and Etsy.
  4. Teach Online: Share your expertise on Udemy and VIPKid.
  5. Remote Work: Find flexible roles on Remote.co and FlexJobs.
  6. Affiliate Marketing: Join Amazon Associates and ShareASale to promote products.
  7. Microtasks for Cash: Complete quick tasks on Amazon Mechanical Turk and Clickworker.
  8. Cryptocurrency Possibilities: Learn and earn through Coinbase Earn and Bitwage.
  9. Paid Surveys: Participate in surveys on Swagbucks and Survey Junkie.

Q.3: Can I earn money by watching ads?

Ans: Yes, you can make tiny sums of money by watching advertisements on platforms such as paid-to-click websites, incentive apps, and survey sites. Be wary of fraud, minimal wages, and privacy problems.

Q.4: Can I use multiple platforms simultaneously?

Ans: Yes, you can investigate multiple platforms to diversify your revenue streams and maximize your earnings.

Q.5: Is prior experience required to get started?

Ans: While some platforms might require particular skills, many are beginner-friendly and include tools to assist you with getting started.

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